Schutt Traditional Adult ROPO Facemask


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Schutt Traditional Adult ROPO Facemask

Schutt SUPER-PRO® carbon steel faceguards are the most popular and most requested faceguard in the world. Incredibly durable and rugged, the SUPER-PRO® carbon steel faceguard offers players at all levels the chance to play a superior piece of equipment at an economical price. The Schutt Traditional Adult ROPO Facemask is designed for skill position players who require an open field of vision. Ideal positions: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker, Punter. The ROPO stands for: Reinforced Oral Protection Only.

This helmet and/or faceguard is intended for use only in connection with the particular sport indicated. Proper use of the Equipment requires your compliance with all instructions, warnings, and notifications provided by the manufacturer of the Equipment.

WARNING: Do not use this Equipment if it is cracked or deformed; or if the material, coating, or interior padding is deteriorated. Severe head or neck injury, including paralysis or death may occur to you despite using this Equipment. Do not use this Equipment to butt, ram or spear an opposing player. This is in violation of the Sport rules and such use can result in severe injury to you and possible injury to your opponent. Contact in the Sport may result in concussion or brain injury, which no Equipment can prevent. Symptoms may include: loss of consciousness or memory, dizziness, headache, nausea, or confusion. If you experience any of these symptoms, immediately stop play and report them to your coach, trainer, and parents. Do not return to a game until all symptoms are gone and you receive medical clearance. Ignoring this warning may lead to serious or fatal brain injury. Faceguards do not comply with NOCSAE requirements unless properly attached to a helmet specifically listed by the manufacturer.



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